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The provision of goods, services, equipment and rentals by StallionRents to customer (“Customer”) identified herein are subject to StallionRents’ standard terms and conditions (the “StallionRents Terms”). By executing this document or by accepting such products, equipment, services, rentals, or sales described herein, Customer agrees to be bound by (i) the StallionRents Terms, and (ii) subsequent written (including by email, facsimile, text message) modifications to the products, equipment, services, rentals, sales or pricing reflected in this document or a subsequent mutually accepted proposal, work order, field ticket, delivery ticket, contract or paid invoice. Any additional or different terms in Customer’s purchase order or in any subsequent communication by Customer that are not specifically accepted in writing by StallionRents are hereby rejected and shall not be binding on StallionRents.

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StallionRents is the Gulf Coast’s premier providers of job-site and event solutions for temporary sanitation, communications and security. By elevating levels of security, connection and comfort, we encourage the best in everything.

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