Where to live while building a house: Temporary Housing

Temporary Housing

Are you building a new home or maybe just renovating your current one? Let StallionRents ease your building experience by providing temporary trailer housing to your location. Our affordable and functional trailer house rentals allow you to live comfortably and on-site throughout your project’s duration. We take the stress out of your housing situation by providing all of your temporary living needs, including temporary housing, power generators, water and sanitary services and solar security trailers to keep an eye on your project around the clock. Take this as your ultimate guide to all things temporary housing.


StallionRents operates as a full jobsite service provider. Housing isn’t our entire focus. It’s making the whole operation function successfully by using our fleet of various equipment and services. We minimize the effort of our customers by having the ability to quote, provide and deliver all of our services as a customizable package and can add on any additional services or equipment throughout your rental contract.


Hotel living is out of the question if you’re trying to avoid spending a small fortune. We understand that personal construction bills can get expensive, and by renting a StallionRents portable housing trailer, that’s one less significant cost to consider. Temporary housing while building offers an inexpensive option in comparison to other temporary living solutions and allows you to stay on your property’s location to keep a better eye on the development of your project.

What customizations do we offer?

If your construction duration is relatively short, you’re more than welcome to choose a housing unit that provides basic living needs. Have a more extended project on the horizon? You may want to customize your furnishings and utility services to ease your comfort level while being displaced. Here’s a list of our many customizations and furnishing options.

  • Option to come fully furnishable for the following:
    • Full kitchens
    • Living rooms
    • Private bedroom
    • Private Bathroom
    • Office
    • Laundry Room
    • Additional services can include Satellite TV, internet connection, and cleaning service

Trailer House additions and utilities

Internet– You’re temporary housing solution should offer the same functionality that you’re used to and be able to meet your everyday requirements. With many people working from home during the pandemic, StallionRents offers fully connected internet solutions through cellular communications equipment, including cell boosters, spot boosters & satellite dishes. Our team can deploy same-day connectivity on the day of your housing delivery and get you back to work in no time.

Security– StallionRents trailer houses come with the optional addition of video security. Whether you’re used to having consistent front door monitoring or would prefer to have a 360-degree view of both your construction project and private living accommodations, we are here to help. We offer both fixed monitoring solutions and solar security trailers that surveil and upload all video footage to an easy-to-use portal for you to monitor.

Additional Storage– We don’t expect you to fit all of your belongings in your temporary home. StallionRents offers portable storage units to house your personal items throughout the duration of your project. With Secure locks and weatherproof material, our storage solutions offer the immediate solution as an add-on to your housing rental.

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