New Modular Building Trend : Self Deployable Buildings

For decades, the simplicity and ease of renting a modular space have been appreciated amongst industrial operations and as temporary housing solutions. Prefabricated buildings are an instant solution for added space, regardless of application. Mobile building solutions have been the quickest way to add temporary space without going through the building or construction process. Temporary modular buildings are a financially wise choice if your need for added space is temporary.

Over the past few decades, portable buildings have gotten more sophisticated and easier to install. The quality and customizations available for customers have been enhanced to where the internal look and feel can replicate any permanent structure you see today.

There are many uses for temporary spaces, including some of the massive compound structures we’ve previously mentioned here. But we were interested in the newest inventions for basic added structures, much like those that StallionRents deploys across different industries. The most exciting trend currently being designed and researched are the so-called “immediate installation” pop-up offices, housing, and other building structures.

After exploring these structures, on average, a large structure like the one below can be delivered and implemented in just under ten minutes. Architects and designers, much like those at TenFold engineering, have paved the way for self-deploying structures to be a trend of the near future. Although not on the market quite yet, it’s easy to see why the idea would draw customer’s attention. 

Similar to a basic modular structure, ideally, self-deployable structures can be stacked, customized, and created to your liking to fit whatever application is needed.